Birth & Death Registration


Civil Registration is a continuous, permanent, compulsory recording of the
occurrence and characteristics of vital events, like births, deaths and still births. In India
the registration of births and deaths is carried out under provisions of the Registration of
Birth and Death (RBD) Act, 1969 and Registrar General, India is entrusted with the
responsibilities of co-ordinating and unifying the activities of the Chief Registrar of Births
and Deaths. Chief Registrar of Births and Deaths in each States/UTs is the implementing
authority and the registration of births and deaths is done by the local registrars appointed
by the State Government under whose jurisdiction the event has taken place. It is the duty
of the Chief Registrar to compile, publish and submit the Annual Statistical Report based
on Civil Registration System to the State Government as well as Registrar General, India.

At the National level, about 85.6% of births and 70.9% of deaths are reported to have been
registered during 2013.


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