Places to Visit

Manki Point - Kasauli:

According to legend Kasauli came into being when Lord Hanuman, on his way to getting the Sanjeevani herb (Magical Herb) touch the hill by his foot thus top of hill is in foot shape.
This is why it is called as Hanuman Mandir/Manki Point which is situated atop the 300 m high hillock, called Manki Point, where Lord Hanuman is supposed to have rested his feet. This temple lies within the confines of an air force radar station and base and is subject to security restrictions (no cameras or bags allowed). On a clear day, one can get views of nearby cities like Chandigarh. One can reach this point by road or on foot. On foot, it takes nearly two hours from Kasauli town but the scenery and harmony you enjoy makes the walk worth the effort.
Location:Manki Point is just 4 km from Kasauli bus stand.

Baba Balak Nath Temple- Kasauli:

It is believed that Baba Balak Nath ji one night appeared in dreams to a local resident - named Vijay Kumar and told him to built a temple at the place, where the present temple is located. This temple is of its own kind where many issue less couples visit to be blessed with a child, whose baptism ceremony is also performed in the same very temple. A
number of photographs of such blessed children are the evidence, which are kept as record by Baba Vijay Kumarji in the temple.

Location : On the Graner Hill top, Kasauli 

Anglican Church

the Anglican Church was constructed in the year 1844. Church is constructed in the shape of a cross, built by the British families that laid the foundation of Kasauli town in year 1842.The heritage church features a clock tower and a sundial in the front. There is a cemetery along with the church with graves dating back to 1850s and earlier.
This Church was previously managed by the Church of England till the year 1970, when Churches of North India (CNI) took over the management. This 19th century has a cruciform floor and beautiful stained glass windows. The church exhibits a statue, in which Christ is bound by Joseph and Mary.

Location: The church is situated on the Lower Mall, which is at a walking distance from the main bus stand.

Sunrise Point: Situated on lower mall, Kasauli 350 mts ahead of Ros Common. Sunrise can be viewed at it's full with no obstructions from this place. This point was formerly called as Hawa Ghar, since the point witnesses an all year round air currents through it.

Sunset Point:

Sunset point offers amazing views of the horizon and with the changing colors during the sundown;you can’t resist yourself falling in love with the place. Other than the beautiful views, you can enjoy fading sun rays, the warmth of sun slowly decreasing, the refractions fading away in the atmosphere, making a stunning end to a day. Reaching the place, in itself, is a memorizing experience. Walking down the lane with chestnut, oak and pine trees on both the sides of the road, you find yourself close to the nature and can rejuvenate your soul with the nature at its best.

Location: on the Upper Mall, Kasauli, the point is located 100 meters ahead of the Kasauli club. Theplace offers a sunset view that is a perfect view that you will cherish for lifetime. 

Scandal Point:

Scandal Point is noticeable by a sculpture of the famous freedom fighter Lala Lajpat Rai. When you go some steps from the Sun Set point the region is called as the Lover’s lane and Scandal Point. It is known as the most excellent place to sit as well as chat for the couples and the Honeymooners. They can go hand in hand, to watch the entire serenity and the wonderful beauty and take photographs of the pictorial views out there.

Location:Upper Mall walking distance

Gilbert Trail: Approx 700Mts ahead of lovers lane is Gilbert trail which offer a long walk in perfect nature bestowed small kuchha path. One must walk carefully to avoid slipping on the same. Not recommended when it's raining.

C.R.I: Central Research Institute was established in 1905 and it is a premier National Institute engaged in many R& D activities. The anti-rabies inoculation was invented and is still being made here. Also many anti snake bite vaccinations are being made here. 

Lower Mall: A beautiful 3 Km walk with different scenic views and old heritage building views, goes up-to Monkey Point, Kasauli. It's mostly on a descending gradient.

Upper Mall: A beautiful 3.5 Km walk with different scenic views and old heritage buildings, goes up-to The Flag Staff House (HQ 95 Infantry Brigade's Brigadier Residence). It's mostly on a ascending gradient. 

Kasauli Club: Established in 1880, this is one
famous club in Himachal Pradesh. Only members and the military officers serving
in Kasauli are entertained in the same. No civilians or tourists can enter the
same without being sponsored by a current member of the club.